We Design For The Way You Live

We understand the desion to build a new home or renovate an existing one is a big deal, but also one of the most exciting you’ll ever make!

When you hire Askin Built, we become your project manager and you can have absolute confidence that you are working with the very best and to the highest quality.

We are well-known for our patience, attention, and innovative thinking, to deliver a home that will suit your changing lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Askin Built has a fantastic close-knit culture, we are literally brothers in arms. The team is headed up by Sam Askin and supported by his two trusty brothers Martin and Tom. Also on the team is one of their best mates, Matthew (Trade Assist). Their combined experience and diverse skills see them working extremely well together so you know your project is in safe hands with these exceptionally personable & talented young men.

Our team is here to help bring your vision to life while guiding you through the whole process, taking care of every detail from inception to completion.


Sam Askin


Sam Askin is a driven, innovative builder with experience in many areas of the building industry.

Having worked with some of the best builders in Brisbane, he has learnt to successfully take a project from start to finish. His varied experience and skill set allows him to combine design and construction for an original result.

Sam takes pride in his workmanship which comes through in his attention to detail, ensuring a finish of the highest quality.

When Sam is not onsite with Askin Built he is usually camping with the boys, spending time with his family or enjoying a feed at his local.

Tom Askin

lead hand | CARPENTER

Straight out of school, Tom completed his apprenticeship before travelling to Canada where he worked in a ski resort. With 6 years’ experience he has now returned to Brisbane and is working alongside his brothers at Askin Built and is an essential part of the Askin Team.

“It is good working with your brothers because we get each other…..I can just tell by looking at them when they need a hand. It is always good to have a laugh together too.”

When Tom isn’t working at Askin Built you can find him at to park with mates playing footy.

Tom Askin-Lead-Hand-Carpenter-Brisbane-Builders-Askin-Built

Martin Askin


Starting out with a criminology degree, Martin realised quickly that wasn’t for him.

Instead, Martin pursued a career in the building industry by starting an apprenticeship with Askin Built.

Martin loves working as a team, and learns a lot from his brothers Sam & Tom.

“We work well as a team. Sam and Tom are not only super cool brothers, they are great teachers!”

When Martin isn’t working at Askin Built he is surfing at the beach or on his boat fishing down the coast.

Matthew Howland


Matt has had such varied experience, starting with a Civil Engineering degree, moving into the industry for quite a few years, before Matt needed a new landscape. After some travel he came back to Australia and worked in the arts, film, photography and graphic design.

He then ran and built a restaurant from the ground up, managing up to 20 staff. He learnt great customer service skills and also how to balance art and construction. This is what he has now found at Askin Built, he is able to use his hands to create and utilise all of his eclectic experience in the one place.

“We have great attention to detail and professionalism but we also enjoy ourselves. Because we know each other so well, we are like one big family.”

When Matt isn’t working at Askin Built he is Looking after his two children who are one and four. He enjoys his weekends, and anytime when he has a chance to chill out.



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