When architecture met art gallery.

The Hefferen House, located in Fairfield was a post-war cottage showing character and potential. With the owners being art collectors, the project became a collaboration of art design and construction.

The main objective behind the project was to preserve the properties charm, while enhancing and expanding on its original features.


We had a very specific client brief for the Hefferen House. Being an art collector, the client wanted the house design and function to adopt a gallery type feel.⁠

As the owners were a growing family the major focus was to keep the properties original character and focus on improving its size and function.


The main work we completed on the house house was the extensions made to the back of the home. The owners wanted practicality for their family so by making this addition, as well as put on a deck, it really helped grow the living space.

The major extension included a new living room, new bathroom and powder room, master bedroom with walk in robe, new laundry and internal stairs.

Taking advantage of the high ceilings to hang art and bring in the natural light to highlight this art was such a priority when designing this space. We worked with natural timber and built out planter boxes to break up the space. We also created “The Breezway,” which created natural cooling for the house, an enviro sensitive solution.

By utilising plywood for the feature walls, it helped compliment the other timber features in the house. Using different materials throughout the home other than paint, was a pretty innovative choice.⁠⠀


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