A classic Queenslander with a modern twist.

Located in Morningside Brisbane, the house required a substantial amount of carpentry work, but the potential for design and luxury living was there.

For homeowners Jade and Tanya, this was the first property they planned on buying and living in. They wanted this to be their forever home.


The homeowners had a very clear direction of what they wanted this property to become. Whilst they were focusing on ‘freshening up’ the property, with no plans of complete demolitions or major reconstructions, there was still substantial amount of construction required.

From both a design and structural perspective, the owners had a vision of what they wanted, which created a clear focus from the beginning. The larger updates to the home were the main living space, kitchen, and bathrooms. Flooring, deck, landscaping, and driveway were also areas that needed attention.

Being a “forever” home, there was a need to concentrate on creating a space that was not only functional now but in years to come.


We did a significant amount of work to the front of house, rebuilding the stairs, redoing the handrails and the balustrade, and put in a new driveway.⁠ The landscaping was executed sensationally by Martin Askin. The desert design utilised cactus’ to really complement the monochrome aesthetic.

For the front door, we installed glass panels to let more light in, and teamed this with keyless entry for simple convenience.

The front deck as we aimed to create a relaxed feel, a place to watch the world go by. We changed its entire structure to allow the living and kitchen to spill out into this indoor-outdoor space. We wanted to continue creating flow between the interior and exterior spaces, so we opted for gas strut pop out windows, allowing the kitchen bench to be utilised from both the inside kitchen area and deck.

The windows made a huge difference to both the amount of natural light in home, and the usability of the space by doubling the seating area at the kitchen bench.

We sanded and treated all the flooring and deck for this house which resulted in a fresh look, and that contrasted well with the white walls.

The Winterfell house was truly a remarkable project and a timeless design.


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